"Directing a drama that spreads in that bite"

Please indulge in the moment, not only the taste, but also the dishes that match each dish and the atmosphere inside the restaurant.

Sushi Rei's three commitments

Japanese "sushi and culture to the world"

What is placed in our shop from the title of the shop name to plates, glasses, tableware, objects, sake, tea; all are created after directly communicating our thoughts to young Japanese creators and having them sympathize with us. It is an original order product that yours and yours only. Through the marriage of young creators and sushi, we will expand Japan's "sushi and culture to the world" by creating opportunities for their works to come into contact with as many people as possible.

≪Food x Sake x Glass≫ tripling

The taste of drinks changes depending on the thinness of the glass, the shape of the mouthpiece, and the size of the drink, so you can maximize the potential by matching the glasses according to each characteristic. Please experience "tripling" which is a pairing of "food x sake x glass". There is also the finest tea pairing selected by tea experts, so even those who can't drink alcohol can be rest assured that they will have their own “tripling” experience.



Price setting that won’t break your bank

There are many top-class sushi restaurants, but the reality is that the threshold is too high for the sushi culture to spread widely around the world. I want to express the world view of such high-class sushi at a price range that is affordable for all generations to enjoy. With that in mind, we have set the price so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind that includes alcohol in response to the recent rise in sushi prices.


*Our shop is a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance when you come to the store.

Please make a reservation by phone or from the link below.


Reception 15: 00 - 21: 00*Excluding regular holidays